Thursday, August 8, 2013

BtH Readathon Update

Phantasmic Reads
Today is day 11 of the challenge and I must say that it's not looking too good for me. I had assumed that I would have more than enough time to read sine I'm on vacation; however, I didn't take into account the laziness that would settle over me. I regret I will most likely not accomplish all of my goals. Needless to say, below is my update:

#1 I have finished reading The Fault in Our Stars.
#2 I am almost half way through Wintergirls.
#3 I have about 45 minutes left on the audiobook Mila 2.0, should be done by today.
#4 I have read about a quarter of Go Ask Alice.
#5 I haven't even looked at Endure.

I still have 4 days so I am hopeful, but I must be realistic; I know I will not be able to read Endure.

Where are you at with your goals?


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