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Review: Sounding Waters by B.T. Hoskins

"One more moment. Just one more, that's all I needed. I knew if I held out a little longer, he would come for me. I looked around at the bodies littered across the jagged ground. It looked like a battlefield full of wounded sentinels..." ~ Prologue ~

From the moment you open B.T. Hoskins debut novel Sounding Waters and read the first few lines of the prologue you are sucked in. The instant danger is enough to keep you up for hours, so be sure to begin reading in the daytime. The story begins with an introduction into the world of Seraphix Heviath; a young girl who lives a life of solitude and suffering. Alone, having lost the only person who ever really cared about her, she takes a vow of silence and hides behind the shadows of the Kretens.

When Seraphix meets a young man by the name of Adale her future is set in motion and once it begins she is unable to stop it. Escaping death and fleeing the town that right up to the very end rejected her; she is brought to the realization of the world outside of Kretia. Seraphix learns that the land of Sounding is cursed by a hateful creature named Aurochis. Trying to escape the trail of death she connects with another family and together they search for a way to survive in a world full of turmoil.

Told from the view point of various charismatic characters Sounding Waters explores the ever complicated issue of good versus evil. Hoskins has created an intricate web in this story connecting each person and giving you just enough, but leaving you wanting more, as she pulls back and takes you to the life of another character. Sounding Waters will have you at the edge of your seat eagerly anticipating what comes next. Will Seraphix and her new friends defeat the Aurochis? You'll have to read the book to find out!

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Author Interview

  • Please share a little about yourself with us. 
I have an awesome family. My husband and two kids are so much fun!! I worked in construction most of my adult life, and I've been in and out of college working on different degrees since the day I left high school. Maybe someday I'll stick with one...
As far as books and writing, I've had my head stuck in a book for as long as I can remember. The first “book” I ever wrote won me a neon pink and green watch from a McDonalds contest, and it was from there I realized what great rewards awaited me with lifelong writing.
  • When did you start writing Sounding Waters and how long did it take to finish it? 
I started this book about five years ago. I had an idea, I wrote a little on it, and I shoved it in a drawer. I stumbled across it about 7 months ago, and a friend of mine read it and insisted that I finish it. I guess I never really thought anyone would be interested in it. Once I realized that maybe someone else would enjoy it, I went back to it and had it completed and ready to edit in 5-6 months.
  • What made you decide to self-publish? Any regrets with your decision?
One of the main factors in that decision was knowing that if I went with a traditional publisher, I would be as clueless about the process as when I began. I wanted to know what it took to format a book, how hard it would be to create a cover, and what marketing was like. There was no way I could fully appreciate things like that unless I experienced them first hand. I wanted to learn as much as possible now and maybe go for traditional publishing farther down the road.
I have absolutely no regrets with my decision. If fame and income had been my goal, I might say I regretted it, but my goals were realistic. I wanted to finish a book. I wanted to learn more about the process. I wanted someone to read it. I accomplished everything I set out to do and I couldn't be happier with the results. I've met so many great people, learned so much, and got pretty decent book sales to boot.
  • Where did you get the idea for the Aurochis?
At the risk of sounding cliche, I dreamed about them. When I was writing, I needed something that was a little scary and not just like everything else. I got my answer when I woke up scared out of my wits because of these big blurry things chasing me in my sleep.
  • Are there any similar traits between you and the protagonist, Seraphix, or do they stem from other experiences?
I'm probably just as stubborn as she is, and I'm good with just shrugging things off. That's about it, though. Everything else about her is more like me creating someone who has strong traits that I wish were stronger in myself.
  • Many of the names in Sounding Waters are unique, did you make them up yourself or how did you come up with them?
My system for naming characters is total randomness. Seraphix has a deeper meaning to me that wouldn't really make sense to anyone else, but it came from the phrase “Seraph of Nine”. Growing up I went to church with my grandmother, and she would tell me stories from the Bible. Gaius was always my favorite character for his strengths. For Pen, I wanted something short and quirky, kind of like him. When I named Aserias, I was looking for a name that sounded.. well.. serious. I have a habit of giving them names that can be shortened into fun nicknames that give my characters a more personal feel.
  • Is anything in the book based on real experiences or is it purely imagination?
For the most part, it's imagination. I think generally speaking, there are a lot of things in the book that anyone could relate to in real life. All the fear and frustration, the camaraderie, love that isn't mutual, life lessons, and things of that nature. We've all experienced some of those.
  • What was your favorite scene or chapter to write and why?
I would have to say chapter 14, when Memna and Amnon are introduced. It's really the biggest comic relief in the book, and it was that for me as well. I remember literally laughing out loud as I read back over the first drafts of that chapter.
  • What was the most surprising thing you learned in writing your first book and getting it published?
The most surprising thing for me was that when you finish writing a book, you've really only reached the beginning. The process that comes after writing a book is just as long and exhausting as the book itself.
  • If you had the opportunity to do it all over again, is there any aspect of the book or publishing that you would change? What would it be and Why?
I might have added a little more depth to Adale, but I didn't only because I was afraid I would get attached to him. That sort of attachment needed to be reserved for another character in the story.
  • Did you do any outlining for the book or did it come to you as you wrote?
Ah, outlining... Well, I tried outlining. After writing parallel to the outline for a few paragraphs, I would always come up with a better way to go, and end up tossing it. After doing this a few times, I gave up on any structured outline. Mine consist of a lot of very general ideas about where this might go, because it's bound to change many times through the course of writing.
  • Did you design the cover?
I did. It was on my list of “things I'm determined to do with my first novel”. I'm pretty happy with it, especially since it came from someone who knows little to nothing about graphics and art.
  •  Can you share with us any projects you're currently working on?
My main focus right now is getting the next book of the Sounding series - The Origin Stone -  finished, but I always have many projects going at the same time. Next in the line of priority would have to be a dystopian novel I'm working on called S.O.S – the Systemic Order of Segregation.
  • Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
You need determination and support. When all else failed, as long as I had those two things, I kept writing, kept trying. Don't allow yourself to walk away from it, and have friends that will hold you accountable.
  •  Is there anything you'd like to say to your readers and fans?
I LOVE YOU! But seriously, my readers have given me a gift that no one else can. They've justified the hours I spent with no sleep, ignoring my responsibilities, neglecting myself, and disappearing from the world we know. After all that, it's a relief to know it wasn't all for nothing.

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