Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

"I've been locked up for 264 days. I have nothing but a small notebook and a broken pen and the numbers in my head to keep me company. 1 window. 4 walls. 144 square feet of space. 26 letters in an alphabet I haven't spoken in 264 days of isolation. 6,336 hours since I've touched another human being." ~Opening of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi~

Imagine being incapable of touch? Something each of us takes for granted on a daily basis, is unimaginable to Juliette, the heroine in Tahereh Mafi's debut novel Shatter Me. For 264 days, Juliette has not touched or spoken to another living soul. Confined to a cell in an insane asylum she only knows that the outside world is crumbling under the control of the reestablishment. Starvation, disease, and pollution have changed the world.

I truly enjoyed this book. The story captured me from the very beginning! I was intrigued by the borderline insanity of Juliette and her internal turmoil. Her character was well rounded and strong. The chemistry between Juliette and Adam was genuine and believable. But there were so many likable characters, that there was never a dull moment!

Kenji was funny and made me laugh out-loud a few times. Warner, the villain in Mafi's story was the perfect balance of arrogance, evil, and charm. At some moments you were hoping he would succeed. But this is just a few of the likable characters in this book. You'll have to read it for yourself to meet the rest of the cast.

There were some moments that seemed too good to be true but it wasn't enough of a distraction to keep me from wanting to read on. I enjoyed it to the very end and it left me anxious to see what Mafi has in-store for us in the sequel. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes post-apocalyptic/x-men type stories.

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